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Convertible Swaddle Sleep Sack


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Help your baby to transition from swaddling the gentle way. This convertible sleep sack helps to give your baby the feeling of a swaddle while being able to convert it to an arms-free swaddle which is safer when they begin to roll over. 

Removable Arms

Easily remove one or both arm "wings" with a simple zipper located on the outside of the swaddle to convert the sack into an arm free swaddle blanket 

Hip Healthy

This swaddle sack allows for free movement of baby's hips & legs making it comfortable & safe for baby's hips 

Lightweight & Stretchy 

It is made with lightweight, stretchy, breathable material so it reduces the risk of overheating while still providing warmth & comfort 

Skin Safe

All of the zippers are located on the outside of the sack so no worries of skin irritation or allergic reactions 

3 Sizes 

This swaddle comes in three different sizes to properly fit your baby (3-6 months, 6-9 months, & 9-12 months) 


This sack features a two-way zipper down the front so it can be unzipped from both the top & bottom which makes diaper changes a breeze 


  • Package Includes: 1pc Swaddle
  • Material: Cotton Blends 
  • Dimensions: 3-6 months: 13"W x 26"L, 6-9 months: 14.2"W x 29.1L, 9-12 months: 16.6"W x 35.4"L
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